Are you out of control when it comes to Sugar?

It’s not uncommon for people to struggle with eating habits, in particular with sugar. After all it is one of the most addictive substances that people find difficult to break-through. 

There can be many factors why you are consuming too much sugar and also can’t quite stop! Firstly there is the physical aspect of how sugar works in your body, the way in which it is broken down to it’s useable source of glucose varies depending on the type of food you are eating (as most foods have some form of sugar) but also how your body reacts to sugar when you consume it. This is where your metabolic health and also importantly how your body responds to insulin (the hormone that is in charge of how you use/store/distribute sugar in the body).

Another factor that some are not aware of is the emotional response we have to sugar and food in general. Food is the source of life and when humans were hunter gatherers, food was scarce and so there was an emotional response that was wired into our chemistry when receiving that source of life – something that still is within us. The difference today is that we no longer need to hunt for food, the supply chain doesn’t value quality and we aren’t programmed to look at our emotions in a way that is healthy and expressive. 

When working with the foods that support our chemistry and look to support our emotional wellbeing in a way that aligns with our body to encourage body-mind connection, our emotional response to stimulus outside of us changes, especially our relationship with food. 

This is where detoxing is an incredible way of resetting the internal to support the functioning of our cells. The cells which orchestrate the way in which our entire body functions. Whatever we witness on the outside of us, on our body and through the lens of minds with experiences in life, is a direct reflection of our internal body. A body which is in dis-harmony will function in such a way and may then experience this in many areas of life.

Detoxification is a natural process the body was gifted with, but as a result of mind-body disconnection, lack of awareness and an increase in toxins found in foods as well as the environment, the detoxification process is compromised and so the body cannot function at it’s best.

The body will send signals of this imbalance which can show up as:
– Increased cravings (in particular sugar and/or carbohydrates)- Low energy/Fatigue- Irritability, frustration, anger – Lack of motivation

– Low focus and concentration 

– Poor memory 

– Irregular menstrual cycle

– Skin issues

– Accelerated ageing

– dull, loose sagging skin 

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, you may benefit from a RESET and doing a detox programme like ‘Get High On Your Health’ is a great way to do just that! Click the link to find out more about how a 4 week programme get you started in rebuilding the internal possibilities your body was designed to do! 

Click HERE to find out more about my group programme and how it can support you in improving the relationship you have with food and yourself.


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