Detoxing 101

In our modern day life, keeping your body in optimal health is like a 9-5 job with a never ending to do list! BUT, there are ways to keep your health elevated and ways to reverse what is stored in your body, the very things that are hindering you each day. It is possible to get back on track by making simple changes to what you are eating and your everyday lifestyle!

What is detoxing and why should you be implementing it into your life?

Our environment is filled with a high amount of non-natural toxicity, that now even originally healthy bodies are becoming overburdened. The human body has a specialised system to detox and eliminate toxins both safely and effectively. 

It isn’t uncommon that safe elimination is not possible, so the body stores these toxins somewhere safe like in fact cells or the liver, until elimination is possible. Why is your body not able to eliminate toxins? The key reasons:

  • Your liver is overburdened with toxicity, so it is overworked and overloaded 
  • Your digestive system is using up excess amounts of energy, so your body doesn’t have spare energy to invest into detoxing (rest and repair) 
  • Your detox mechanisms have been disrupted due to chronic inflammation or metabolic dysfunction

Detoxing supports your body in reinstating it’s natural healing ability – to remove harmful substances that are stopping the body from being able to work effectively. What you can expect to see by implementing detoxing:

  • Rids the body of excess waste by giving the body the mobility to keep the excess waste in your body on route out, rather than it lingering around causing problems. A routine detox helps your body purge itself of these residues, enhancing the function of your liver, kidney, and colon.
  • Improves your mental energy. The toxic clearout is powerful for your mind by improving your state of processing for clearer, more defined and focused thoughts.
  • Supports weight loss by balancing blood sugar levels and stabilising hunger hormones. Detoxing is an incredibly powerful way to reduce food/sugar cravings. Calories are vilified but it is important to note sugar calories are far worse than whole food calories because they trigger inflammation and create insulin spikes to hold your weight hostage.
  • Boosts your immune function, by having a regular detox routine it will help to free up your organs to enable them to function properly. This allows you to absorb nutrients better, fight off pathogens, and have a healthier lymphatic system.

Key ways to get started with detoxing:

  • Eat more whole foods that are low on the food chain, for example less meat, fish, eggs and dairy and more vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes
  • Keep hydrating with spring, filtered or hydrogenated water, trying where possible to avoid tap or plastic bottled water
  • Focus on fueling your body with foods that support your liver – the master detox organ. Leafy greens, sprouts, radishes, dandelions, spirulina and asparagus are just some of the best foods you can have that support detoxing
  • Eat organic as much as possible. To avoid herbicides and pesticides that are ever present in non-organic foods look at the  ‘Dirty Dozen’ and ‘Clean Fifteen’ for an overview of the fruits and vegetables that are best eaten organic, and which are okay to eat non-organic

Who needs a detox?

Everyone can benefit from adding a detox routine into their life. Those who should add a regular protocol are:


Irregular bowel movements and/or discomfort with digestion are signs that your digestive system is in need of a detox and/or cleanse.

In addition if you have attempted to adjust your diet by increasing your fibre intake and symptoms are still present, you are due for a detox.


If you lack that get up and go feeling in the morning, feel various degrees of lethargy or wake up feeling sluggish and struggle to keep energised through the day a detox can be just what you need.

Stimulating your body with coffee can cause further issues as it can result in a crash after the initial quick pick-me-up, then deplete your natural energy reserve. 


A high toxic load within your body can leave you fighting a losing battle with your scales. Do you find that you have tried eating healthier and exercising but still aren’t seeing results you desire? Toxins effectively work against the absorption of nutrients which are needed for effective metabolic processes and use of calories. A detox removes that barrier and sets the stage for healthy weight loss.

Want to know more about detoxing and how to take action by implementing it into your lifestyle, learn more about my 4 week group detox programme here.


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