January detoxing – why is it so hard?

Have you managed to bounce back from Christmas or are you still stuck in that $h!t sugar and carb craving cycle? the cycle that is frustrating you and draining your motivation to get back on track with your health!

So what do we know about sugar?

It’s highly additive – 8 x more than recreation drugs

Breaks down your metabolic health, destroying your physical and mental energy

Studies show that after ingesting refined sugars your immune system can be compromised for hours after!! 

It is the key driver for inflammation in the body

Contrary to information put out in the 70’s it is actually sugar that makes you fat, not fat! 

Sugar doesn’t just come in the form of chocolates, sweets and cakes – it is in your refined produce as well, the simple carbohydrates like white rice, white bread, white pasta, flours and added into so many products on the shop shelf

What do these foods do when consumed?

To put it very simply they spike your blood sugar, which releases energy into your body at a fast rate. Great if you are about to do an intense work out or run the London marathon. Not so great if you are going to sit at a desk and not move for the most part of your day! Key is that those sugar have two options, to be used in the bloodstream if needed (ie going for a run) or stored in fat cells to be used later when needed. But, the more you consume these types of foods the more you need them, its the sugar and/or carb crash you experience which depletes your energy leaving you needing more. Over time the more you consume, the more that gets stored and eventually the body becomes overpacked and insulin resistant. This is not what you want for your metabolic health as eventually all systems become compromised!

My top tips for breaking sugar addiction:

  • Eat more whole foods so basically real food! The majority of processed foods are laden with refined sugars and ingredients that are harmful to your biochemistry – these are not real foods and create the foundation for sugar addiction. Ensuring there is both protein and fat in each of your meals is important. In addition, carbohydrates such as legumes, vegetables, nuts, seeds are also great additions to have on your plate. 
  • Do your best to stabilise your blood sugar levels – intermittent fasting (fasting each day in 13–16-hour window and then eating in the remainder) and breaking your fast with PFF: protein, fats and fibre will ensure that your blood sugar levels don’t spike first thing in the morning and promotes satiety. Protein at breakfast is especially supportive of people wanting to lose and stabilise weight. 
  • Have a good sleep routine – studies have shown significant correlation between a lack of sleep and cravings. Notice how you feel hungrier the day after a bad night’s sleep? getting good quality sleep approx. 8 hour per night is essential for preserving the energy your body needs for the next day
  • Exercise – as well as being great for your cardiovascular health, regularly exercising also supports the reduction of excessive cravings and boosts feel good endorphins.
  • Avoid eating at least 3 hours before bed – overnight your body goes into detoxification mode, if your body is digesting food that you have had beforehand, it will be using vital detox energy to digest. This work also contributes to a disruptive sleep. 
  • Mange stress – an increase in stressor in your life means that you are more likely to reach for processed foods or those high in carbohydrates as your body looks to replenish the energy that was used in the stress response. Practice ways of reducing stress like meditation, yoga and breath-work. 

If you implementing the above eating and lifestyle habits, yet there you still have cravings working with a coach to address the root cause would be the next point of call, there are also some supplements which may support – these include Vitamin D and Omega 3. Looking at your amino acid profile with key proteins such as tyrosine, glutamine and 5HTP will have an effect on your level of cravings.

Want to be supported in taking your body through a RESET? Book a free call with me to chat about how my programmes work and see if they align with your intentions here


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